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I love reading and have always favored science fiction; especially hard sci-fi, aliens, bio-anthro themes, horror, space opera, and philosophical and cosmological themes. I will take the time to read great books in almost any genre.

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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Ben Fountain This book is one reason I don't give up on "contemporary" fiction. I think, as a genre, it is very difficult to do a good job as an author in the contemporary world. This book just didn't miss for me.

Now, if you are: sensitive about religion or politics, sensitive about the current wars, sensitive about football, or sensitive about sex and cussing, you will NOT like this book.

However, if you are ok with those things, you might really enjoy this like I did. The author just didn't miss. From moment to moment, I was thinking, "Hey, ya, that is weird. Why do we, as a country, do that?" "Hey ya, that is bizarre." etc. And then, of course, I felt like I was let into the mind of a soldier who had suffered a lot of trauma and would likely suffer more. That wasn't completely new, but the way it was contrasted with What's up on the Home Front was very thought-provoking.

A great book about current American culture.